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"I've been a spa junkie for years and have had many opportunities to check out spas and treatments. My entire experience at Synergee Skin Spa really wow'd me from start to finish! Michelle really listened to my concerns during the initial consultation and was very knowledgeable about the treatments and products. I've had great results and will definitely be back. This place is tucked back in a corner, but what a tremendous secret!"
Allyson Gibbs, Sacramento, CA

“Relaxing, wonderful atmosphere!  And, a very nice person, Michelle, who takes an interest in making me look and feel better.”
Judy Harding, Chico CA


“I have never experienced a more gentle or relaxing facial. The staff is professional and the ambiance is soothing and calming. I recommend Synergee Skin Spa highly and it's my first choice for a spa treatment.”
Sherry Fry, Carson City NV

“The location seems odd at first but once you step inside it’s a peaceful retreat. The services are top-notch. Incredible attention to detail. The facials are absolutely perfect!”
Jason Gibbs, Sacramento CA

“Synergee Skin Spa is worth every dollar you spend, not only because of pleasure, but also because the treatments reduce stress.  Stress causes disease and breakdowns.  Synergee Skin Spa promotes self love, affirmative steps toward taking care of yourself.  Michelle’s suggestions have been excellent.  Others have noticed the difference in my skin tone, youthful appearance (at only 53 years of age) and vitality.  The moments and hours spent in the salon are heavenly!  It is so relaxing and my skin loves the vitamins and moisturizers.”
Amy L., Chico CA

“My facial is a wonderful experience.  I truly feel rejuvenated like I have a new lease on life.  Everyone needs to have a facial!”
Barbara M., Chico CA

“My monthly appointments at Synergee are sacred to me and I have them scheduled ahead a year at a time.  Other appointments and meetings must work around my Synergee appointments!   Not only are my facials by Michelle excellent for my skin (a Dermatologist has even commented on how good my skin is “at my age”), but to me, my facial is the equivalent of a deep relaxation therapy session.  During my facial, I can actually feel the stress and tension falling away.  During the course of the facial I become quiet, restful and calm to the extent that I often doze off!  Basically, Synergee restores my skin -- and my soul.” 

Sheryl Lange, Chico CA


With Microcurrent Facials
You Can Look
 5 to 10 Years Younger
Without Needles, Surgery or Recovery Time

It's no wonder celebrities worldwide request microcurrent facials before premiers and red-carpet events. They know this anti aging skincare treatment is the number one way to look years younger without needles, surgery, or nasty side effects. That's why microcurrent facials are the treatment of choice for hot celebs like Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon.

But, you don't have to be a famous actress or live in Hollywood to get the same treatments they're getting -- and, you can get them at Synergee for a fraction of the cost!

At Synergee Skin Spa, we combine the lifting, sculpting effects of facial microcurrent combined with the rejuvenating effects of LED light therapy in one powerful anti aging skincare treatment.

Before & After Myotonology Microcurrent Facials

Lynda Foresman Talks About Her Experience with Myotonology Microcurrent Treatments:

"I thought that the bags under my eyes would never go away, and have tried everything to no avail. This process is truly amazing, and the results absolutely shock me. My skin tone is perfect, and I have no need to wear foundation make-up or cover-up at all anymore. My bags are rarely there at all now. People keep commenting on the way I look, but they aren't sure what is different–they ask if I have gotten rid of my migraines, taken a vacation, lost weight, etc. All agree the change in me is very noticeable. Needless to say, I am thrilled with the results and would highly recommend this relaxing, beneficial process to all of my friends and family, as well as to everyone out there who are fighting the process of aging."

No one likes to think of themselves as looking older. 

Yet, year by year, imperceptible as they may be, changes are taking place.

You see, your skin is your body's largest organ -- a living, regenerating structure that helps protect you from the ravages of sun, wind, pollution, and disease.

But that's just the start.

To be honest, your skin plays a major role in how you're perceived by others (work colleagues, friends, family members). Yes, there are VERY good reasons why millions of women spend literally billions of dollars every year on skin care and cosmetics.

For decades, esthetic professionals have only really had TWO ways to make your skin look younger, healthier, and more elastic (never-ending application of serums and creams,  or harsh peels & microdermabrasion treatments).

Only two ways, until NOW!

After years of research, we now understand the amazing effect that MICROCURRENT and LED LIGHT have on the skin. In fact, they have PROVEN to improve:

  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Skin Elasticity
  • Muscle Tone

One of the major contributing factors to wrinkling and sagging skin is the gradual deterioration of muscle tone and a loss of resiliency in the connective tissue between the facial muscles and the skin.  To prolong the beauty of youth, the face demands special attention.

Microcurrent facials use gentle electrical currents, which act a lot like our own nerve impulses, to naturally stimulate, tighten, and tone facial muscles.  This action re-sculpts facial contours and lifts eyes, cheeks, and jawlines.

Our microcurrent facials, also known as micro lift facial toning or non-surgical face lifts, are able to isolate approximately 30 muscles in the face and neck.  By naturally stimulating the muscles and connective tissue, proper tone is restored to the face. In addition, microcurrent stimulates bio-chemical activity in underlying layers of the skin, which improves circulation, hydration, and elasticity.

Each session reveals firmer, more resilient muscles, enhanced facial contours, and dramatically improves skin tone and texture -- a return to the healthy, glowing look of youth.

In addition to micro-current, we use LED LIGHT to stimulate the body’s own production of collagen. Imagine having skin that looks and feels plumped and taut, without ever going near a needle or suffering the after-effects that artificially injected collagen, fillers and toxins can cause!

LED light therapies and micro-current are completely non-invasive with no recovery period, and because the light doesn’t generate heat, it won’t burn or irritate your skin like laser or IPL can.  The treatment is completely safe.

6 Amazing Benefits of Microcurrent Facials with LED Light

Benefit #1:
After LED/Micro-current treatment, your skin will feel “plumped up” and hydrated (not swollen & red)

Benefit #2:
Your makeup will glide on smoothly because your treatment has given it a better “canvas”

Benefit #3:
If you have uneven skin tone, this will be reduced after a course of LED + microcurrent, leaving your skin smooth and blemish-free

Benefit #4:
You’ll notice an immediate improvement in skin tone and texture as well as lifted, contoured eyes, cheeks/jowls and neck after one session. Long lasting results will continue after a course of treatments.

Benefit #5:
Your skin will feel naturally hydrated, toned, and resilient

Benefit #6:
You will feel no negative after-effects whatsoever (no pain, irritation, redness, swelling, bruising, etc.)

What will YOUR before and after pictures look like?

MicroLift Toning Treatment
After cleansing, concentrated skin tightening serums are applied and gentle microcurrents combined with LED light are used to stimulate, contour, and tone your face and neck. A light hydrating sunscreen is applied as the finishing touch. Visible improvements will be noticed after one session, however, results will be temporary (1 - 7 days).
(125 single session)

MicroLift Toning Program
For long lasting results, a course of microcurrent facials is recommended. The number of sessions needed is determined after a thorough skin analysis/consultation and depends on the degree of contouring needed. Most people benefit from a minimum of eight weekly sessions followed by monthly maintenance treatments.
(100 per session / program must be pre-scheduled and pre-paid)

Ultimate Lift & Sculpt Facial
Take years off your look in just one hour with our "non-surgical face lift". This popular treatment combines the most relaxing parts of a custom spa facial with micro-current toning. Lifts droopy eyelids and sagging facial muscles, reduces puffy eyes, and contours neck and jawline. Excellent before any special occasion where you have to impress! For long-lasting results, micro-current toning is recommended as a series. (175)

What are you waiting for? Get on the phone right away to schedule your treatment. I look forward to showing you how this phenomenal anti aging skincare treatment can take years off your face and make your friends wonder just how you do it!

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